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Manufacturer Part No.: FWP-100A22F

Eaton Bussmann Cylindrical Semiconductor Protection Fuses: 100 Amps, 700 Vac/200 kA, 700 Vdc/50 kA, Operating Class: aR, Size: 22x58mm, without Striker Pin

Manufacturer: Eaton Bussmann
Country of Origin : India
Technical Datasheet:
Packaging Quantity: 10
Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Order in Multiples of Quantity: 10
Required Quantity:
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Product Salient Features:

  • Class aR Semiconductor Protection Fuses
  • UL Recognized JFHR2, E91958
  • CSA Class 1422-30, 1422-90 (53787)
  • CE


  • Available Rated Current: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 Amps
  • Wide range of Fuse-Holders/Bases and Accessories available at extra cost
Technical Data
Manufacturer: Eaton Bussmann
Series: FWP-*A22F
Fuse Type: Cylindrical aR
Operating Class: aR
Current Rating (A): 100 Amps
Voltage Rating (Vac): 700 Vac
AC Breaking Capacity (kA): 200 kA
Voltage Rating (Vdc): 700 Vdc
DC Breaking Capacity (kA): 50 kA
Size: 22x58mm
Pre-Arcing I2t Value A2s: 1100
Total I2t Value A2s: 15,600
Power Loss (W): 16.5 W
Fuse Blown Indicator: NA
Standards: UL Recognized, JFHR2, E91958, CSA Class 1422-30/90, (53787); CE
Packaging Quantity (Pcs.): 10
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